Complex Ovarian Cysts

Published: 24th November 2008
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Complex ovarian cysts can cause a lot of worry and anxiety for women who have them. The term complex describes the structure of the cyst, rather than the specific cyst type. A simple cyst is one that is very simple in structure, with an outer shell and fluid only at the center. These are also sometimes called fluid filled cysts, and there is no debris, solid matter, or walls inside the cyst, just fluid. Complex ovarian cysts, on the other hand, may have a solid component, debris such as tissue or other solid matter, and can even be separated by walls of varying number and thicknesses. These cysts are usually filled with a combination of fluid, blood, and solid material, and unlike simple cysts these cysts will not usually rupture and then disappear completely as your body absorbs the fluid. Because a complex cyst has a solid component to it, surgery is usually required to remove the cyst, and most of the time lab work ma be done to ensure that the solid matter involved is not cancerous.

Complex ovarian cysts cause a lot of anxiety because of the cancer component. Many times ovarian cancers go undetected because there are no signs, and one side of these cancers can be solid tumors inside a cyst that consists of malignant cells. Because of this, complex ovarian cysts are normally always removed with surgery, and the tissue taken out and examined for any cancer cells or cancerous cell changes. Sometimes the ovary may be taken as well if cancer is suspected by the doctor or surgeon. If the cyst does contain changed cells or identifies cancer, a complete hysterectomy may be the best option to prevent future cysts and eliminate any chance of cancer in the future in your ovaries and other reproductive organs.

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